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Oct. 28th, 2008 12:42 am
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Has anyone used Galleria before? I'm trying to add event photos to the Tortue website (HERE) and I'm stuck.

Supposedly, the script/code/whatever is supposed to create clickable thumbnails out of an unordered list of images--mine's creating the thumbnails but they're not clickable. If you go to the page above, you'll be able to see the thumbnails (looking rather nondescript), and if you right click and "view image", it'll show you the whole picture. But you can't click the thumbnail and it doesn't appear on the right side of the page like it's supposedly supposed to do.

P.S. I have internet at my house now. :) So I can ask the great LJ braintrust odd questions at odd hours of the night again.

Edited: Okay, new problem. I tried it in IE and it works...sort of. The thumbnails look better and are clickable, but the image pops up in an awkward place. So if you could reply to this post and let me know what browser you're working and what the page looks like for you, I'd really appreciate it.
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You guys, I don't know what it is, but it's almost like I'm becoming a responsible adult. That, or I have too much time on my hands. I mean, a website update this soon after the fact? Unheard of! has been updated with a gallery and a dress diary for the Venetian gown. I actually kept the diary in real time while I was making the dress, so when I date the entry July 29, it was actually made on July 29.

Actually, website updates are fairly painless ever since I made myself a template--just a .txt file with all the junk that goes around the actual content of a page--so I don't have to open a page, copy/paste the headers and div tags every time I want to make a new's pretty neat. I never, ever thought I would enjoy making and maintaining an actual webpage, back when I started with Shards Costume. It was like pulling teeth. Now, every time someone is like, "hey look, something new," I'm like, "ooh, I can totally make a website for it." (See also: Les Proches de la Grande Tortue Did they ask for a site? No. I just got bored one evening.)


Jul. 22nd, 2008 12:29 am
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It's not impressive, but I'm counting it as a victory. Les Proches de la Grande Tortue has a website: HERE. You should all go visit it because it took me like, two hours to figure out what I was doing again.

Plus it'll only take like two seconds because there's next to no content.

P.S. Katie, what is this Tortue thing, anyway? )
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The Senior Project website is done, I think! I've stayed up waaaaay too late a couple nights coding the thing, so please everyone go take a look and let me know if you find any broken links or pictures.

Also, can someone tell me why photobucket refuses to let me use my "Mode de Michilimackinac" banner image? I had to upload it to Freewebs to get it to show up. When I try to put it on photobucket, it says it uploads fine but then I can't view it on photobucket's page and it won't show up anywhere else in an image tag or link or anything. Weird.

ETA: I like my cute little thumbnail links, so here they are.

Frenchwoman's daywear.
Metís woman's clothing.

Modeled by Holly.

Printed polonaise gown.

French furtrader's outfit.

Modeled by John.

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