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I just finished Blue at the Mizzen.

I just finished Blue at the Mizzen.

I just FINISHED THE AUBREYAD. (If you don't count 21, which I don't, because something about it being half a book truncated in the middle just seems too melancholy for words to me.)

Holy crap.
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Well, it's certainly been a week of it. Where to begin? Well, last Saturday, I slammed my finger in my car door. Which in and of itself isn't terribly fascinating, but it sure turned some interesting colors afterwards.

I'm probably going to lose part of the nail, but it hurts less now than when I cut my thumb open and for that I'm grateful. It hurt a hell of a lot more when I actually did it, though. I don't actually remember there being much pain from cutting myself. This hurt like the dickens. Then it went numb and the whole rest of my arm hurt in sympathy. It felt better by that evening, though, and again I'm grateful because the next day, Gwendolyn and I went to Greenfield Village for their Civil War weekend.

And a few more, plus text. But just a little text, I promise. )

Then I came home to a week of sewing, the mundane life of a retail worker, and the excitement of a double shift when a coworker called in sick.

Also, I've finished up through book 12 in the Aubreyad, and am working my way through The Thirteen Gun Salute. That's twelve books of approximately 300 pages each in one month. I have a problem. But oh, what a delightful problem it is!

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