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So I had an absolute blast on Sound of Music and was primarily in charge of makeup. With fifty-six (plus) cast members, I could not do everyone's myself. Instead, I taught everyone how to apply their own, helping when they needed it, and then had to do some specialty stuff on the main characters. For example, without additional contouring for his face, our Captain Von Trapp looked about fourteen years old on stage. Cute, but he's supposed to be forty-something. Hmm. Anyway, by the time we were closing the show, I felt really good about how some of the makeup looked, and some of the pictures my mom took with the yearbook camera are reaaaaally nice. So I figured, why not share the love?

They're kind of large, so to save your friends page... )

Also, my "pet" set would be the Von Trapp interior. Mom, Mrs. Nelson and I all got together to help design it, and quite a few of our ideas survived to be built into the final set. It was really pretty exciting.

The picture quality on these isn't awesome 'cause I just uploaded them straight to Photobucket. If I had to take the time to resize and resave them, I'd never get around to it 'cause I'm lazy like that.

So they're all behind a cut. )
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So, folks, Sound of Music is officially over. Just to give you an idea of what's been eating my time and headspace for the past few weeks, here's a video from the dinner scene; Captain Von Trapp & Maria dance the Lendler. This is, without a doubt, the prettiest show I've ever worked on. I love the interior set here, and the cast was just fantastic. It was just awesome. :)

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For those who don't know, I've been working on preparing for my sister's senior year musical, Sound of Music. My mom's designing the costumes, I do the makeup, and Holly's acting and directing. Last night was our final dress rehearsal/senior citizen performance, which usually has the potential to be a total disaster.

Last night, it was darn near flawless. I've never actually been this happy with a final dress/old-folks'-night performance before. It was, quite frankly, pretty amazing. WOOHOO! :D

Also, I'm pretty much beyond exhausted and have at least three major assignments to complete before Friday. Ouch.
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With regards to my last post, the costume thing is no longer an issue. My mother is the costume designer (forgot that small detail, heh...), so she's the only person who I have to ask about which costume I wear. She appoved my fort wedding dress, not polonaised, so no problem there. I did pop the bottom of a seam on my stays last time I wore it, so I'll have to mend them. But it's like...three inches, tops. I can handle that!

Also, my left mouse button on this laptop's keypad seems to have been...um, mashed. It's almost like it's squished down permanently--not permanently clicked, but it's VERY sensitive. All I have to do is brush it with my finger and it "clicks." It no longer has the nice, crisp spring to it that my right mouse button has. This is slightly irritating. I'm going to wait til dad gets home and ask him about it, but I'm suspecting that if I want it fixed, I'll have to send the computer away (or take it somewhere) to get repaired. I reaaaally don't want to do that. However, it should still be under warranty--I bought a crapload of warranty (though it doesn't apply to software woes, as proved by my earlier adventures with the word processing software and DVD playing software. FEH.) I would crack the dang thing open myself, but that might void the warranty. We'll see what dad can do, since he has the magic fingers in the family.

This machine is more trouble than it seems to be worth, sometimes. However, I do use it a. lot.
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Sara Vazquez, this is for you--because I swore up and down and sideways that I would never be onstage, and here I am, cast as the "bowing woman," in Sound of Music this spring. I don't have to do anything but bow a lot and let some kid in a suit usher me offstage, but still.

The dilemma is this--they want me to have an over-the-top costume, appropriate for the first-place first soprano at the Festival. My mom volunteered me for this on the premise that I could wear my Venetian costume. One problem--it's too big.

The way I see it, I have a couple options:
  1. Try to re-fit the Venetian dress between now and April. I would also have to make some sleeves to go with it.
  2. Wear one of my other costumes (Fort clothes, Regency dress)
  3. Make something totally new out of one of these. )
  4. Get someone else to do it and just stop fretting.

Someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do!

I don't really want to back out, but the fact remains that I'm doing the makeup for this play, I'm helping with set & costume design and construction, and will probably end up learning lighting on the fly in order to oversee the hanging and positioning of the lights later on. That is WAY MORE than I bargained for when I said I'd help with this, but I did say I'd help. Therefore, I feel kind of badly about saying no--to anything. Including, but not limited to, bowing a million times in a ridiculous frock.


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