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As I said, the chemise dress is done. I told [livejournal.com profile] lachwen at the beginning that she'd be responsible for making herself a sash and anything other than the basic dress, but the dress itself is done and wearable. See?

Two more, a little less goofy in nature )

Really, this dress is unapologetically a result of my theatre training--it was made for a specific purpose out of materials already on hand, using modern techniques to achieve a period silhouette. And really, that's what I'm all about when you get right down to it. :) So I'm happy how it turned out, and Gwendolyn was satisfactorily excited about it even though she's sick. My warm fuzzy for the day.

There'll be more pictures after the event; these are just a preview. :)
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So I had an absolute blast on Sound of Music and was primarily in charge of makeup. With fifty-six (plus) cast members, I could not do everyone's myself. Instead, I taught everyone how to apply their own, helping when they needed it, and then had to do some specialty stuff on the main characters. For example, without additional contouring for his face, our Captain Von Trapp looked about fourteen years old on stage. Cute, but he's supposed to be forty-something. Hmm. Anyway, by the time we were closing the show, I felt really good about how some of the makeup looked, and some of the pictures my mom took with the yearbook camera are reaaaaally nice. So I figured, why not share the love?

They're kind of large, so to save your friends page... )

Also, my "pet" set would be the Von Trapp interior. Mom, Mrs. Nelson and I all got together to help design it, and quite a few of our ideas survived to be built into the final set. It was really pretty exciting.

The picture quality on these isn't awesome 'cause I just uploaded them straight to Photobucket. If I had to take the time to resize and resave them, I'd never get around to it 'cause I'm lazy like that.

So they're all behind a cut. )
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For those who don't know, I've been working on preparing for my sister's senior year musical, Sound of Music. My mom's designing the costumes, I do the makeup, and Holly's acting and directing. Last night was our final dress rehearsal/senior citizen performance, which usually has the potential to be a total disaster.

Last night, it was darn near flawless. I've never actually been this happy with a final dress/old-folks'-night performance before. It was, quite frankly, pretty amazing. WOOHOO! :D

Also, I'm pretty much beyond exhausted and have at least three major assignments to complete before Friday. Ouch.

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