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So as far as I can tell, "carbonara" means "creamy eggy thing with salty meat and other stuff." And it's smeared all over hot pasta.

Well. Sign me up! I decided that this would be my next stop on the Campaign for Not Sucking (and not eating out all the time.)

I used the recipe that I linked as a jumping-off point, but I used what I had in the house instead of bowing to the exact ingredients and proportions.

So I started by throwing a little oil and garlic into a saucepan, then adding butter and pre-cooked bacon crumbles in on top. While that sizzled away, I poured the remainder of my itty-bitty cream carton and five eggs into a bowl and whipped them up. I tempered the egg/cream mixture before dumping it in the pan, then melted parmesan and mozzarella cheese into the whole mess. I kind of maybe accidentally started to cook the egg, so it's not as smooth as it should be. But that doesn't affect the flavor!

Because I'm a huge fan of linguine, that's what I used. 3/4 of a box, boiled up, drained, buttered. I threw that into a pre-heated glass oven dish with butter melted into it, and tossed it all together with the sauce. I didn't include the chicken 'cause mine is raw and I didn't want to be bothered to cook it before I did everything else...and I had no parsley. But...

...Holy crap that's good.

Also, the rats really enjoyed eating a few of my creamy-eggy-covered noodles and licking my fingers after I was done.

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