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Okay LJ...I'm turning to you for help.

My friend Julie is a photographer who up until now has been dedicated to film cameras. Over New Years, I visited her and we had pretty much the following conversation:

Julie: *looking at college classes for digital photography* I should really consider getting into digital photography, but I don't want to learn all this stuff--"digital file management," or "using histograms for color correction." I don't want to have to know all that! I just want to take pictures!
Katie: *petting cat* I'd learn it.
Katie: No, I mean...I really would. I love stuff like that--messing around with pictures and doing computer stuff...I'd do it.
Julie: And I could just stand by your elbow and say "make that more blue" and you could do it! And not know how you did it, it would just happen!
Katie: Yes, exactly! I have no interest in taking photos...just making them look neat. I like this plan.
Julie:Me too!
Julie: No, I mean...I REALLY like this plan!

So. Now we're emailing back and forth at length about what we'd need to actually make this work.

So far, I've contacted my cousin, a very talented and skilled sports photographer, to send him some questions Julie had about digital cameras. More information would be good, though, so--for those of you who are into Photography (yes, capital P), what would you recommend? Here's what Julie wrote to me:
I don't have an opinion yet on the Cannon vs. Nikon debate (I probably wouldn't buy any other brands as these two appear to be the top). My film camera is a Cannon but I hear that Nikon menus are easier to use. I would want a standard lens and a wide angle as that is what I use most on my film camera. I have a macro with life-size extender and a telephoto but don't use them much. I could see getting a macro in the future. I want to print big (20x30 range or even larger) without getting fuzzy. My style tend to be soft but also crisp and I love intense color (not to be confused with loud and obnoxious color).

So there's that. We've also arrived at the probably-fairly-obvious conclusion that Photoshop is the way to go for editing software, and I'm really feeling like we should probably have a mac to work on. Her family has one, which supposedly meets the (bare) minimum requirements to run Photoshop CS5. I'm assuming one of us (aka, me) will end up buying a mac at some point for this, but seeing as I'm a Microsoft/Windows gal...help?

So, any of you who use macs, what would you recommend? I already have my own little Dell laptop for personal use, so this would basically be a "work" computer...although I'm not quitting my day job to go in on this venture yet. ;) Educate the poor Microsoft luddite, O Mac Afficionados!!

And, thank you for even reading this. I know how it can be when a clueless person is like 'tell me what to do,' but right now we're getting as much information as possible so as to make informed choices.
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