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Okay, guys. I'm so nervous about writing this that I'm all shaky, but here we go.

I said a little about Rich in my last entry, and about how sweet it was that he'd looked up how to take Jackson to the UK just-in-case things got serious. Well, they're getting serious. Of course, the thing is...we've never met. We've talked over IM and video chatted on Skype, but we've never been in the same room together.

But it's serious enough that the next thing that needs to be done is that I need to go to England. (We've discussed; the best option is for me to go, even though I know a lot of people are saying 'screw that! make him come here!') I'm already arranging my time off requests, but the next thing is to buy a ticket. Right now, I can't afford that.

I'm not going to ask for donations, because if things don't work out long-term essentially I'd be asking for people to pay me to go on a week-long vacation to England to do nothing but hang out with some friends. However, I have a few historical garments I'd be happy to sell at a fair price, and a LOT of fabric I can put up for grabs, too. I'm going to start here because you guys are my besties, but in the next week this'll all go up on Etsy:

This one didn't go in the last round, so I'm asking $120 OBO. Silk chiffon/charmeuse/dupioni, hand & machine sewing, non-ick synthetic lace, two pieces. Closes with zippers and skirt hooks/bars. Worn once.

TENTATIVELY CLAIMED Painted silk taffeta, lined with linen. Completely hand-sewn with silk thread. Open robe with en-fourreau back, matching petticoat. Petti ties with narrow cotton twill tape, robe has no attached fastenings and is meant to be closed with straight pins. Asking $250 OBO, worn twice, predominantly indoors.

Block printed cotton, partially lined with linen. Machine & hand sewn with no visible machine stitching, closes with buttons in back. Worn several times, machine washed. Selling as-is for $90 OBO.

CLAIMED Worsted wool suiting, plain weave, lined in striped linen. Internal flaps pin close over the bust, drawstring closures at bust & neck with center front opening. Machine & hand sewn, no visible machine stitching. Worn several times, as-is $90 OBO.

For all of these, bust should be bust 48-50, waist 38-40, hips 48-50 (approximately; I can easily take more precise measurements if you're interested!) Except the fuchsia, the fitting is somewhat forgiving.

Let me know in the comments if you're interested, and I'll pull these when/if they go on Etsy. All proceeds are guaranteed to go toward a plane ticket to England; if plans fall through for some reason, you can *have your money back* AND *keep the clothing* if you so choose, because I don't feel right profiting from y'all's generosity with no actual goal in mind.
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