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I just finished Blue at the Mizzen.

I just finished Blue at the Mizzen.

I just FINISHED THE AUBREYAD. (If you don't count 21, which I don't, because something about it being half a book truncated in the middle just seems too melancholy for words to me.)

Holy crap.
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Dear Amazon Marketplace Sellers in General,

Look, all I want is the 20 (or 21, bonus!) book set of the Aubry-Maturin series. I would like it in paperback, and preferably for less than $50, seeing as I'm not after any fancy hard-bound volumes. I don't really care what shape the books are in, as long as they're legible. Scribbles and names in the flyleaves don't bother me. But for the love of all that is good, there are TWO of you listing "Patrick O'Brian Boxed Set [Paperback]" for VASTLY different prices and NEITHER of you has a description to go along with the listing. Like, say, for how many books I would be shelling out up to $40. Or what books are included. Or really anything other than the fact that the books are not in perfect condition.



Dear Amazon Marketplace Seller Number One,

Firstly, thank you for your prompt reply to my email through Amazon. I really appreciate it. HOWEVER, I did NOT inquire after your listing previously. Indeed, this is the first time I have ever laid eyes upon it. Therefore, I do NOT have the list of books that you "sent several days ago," because "several days ago," I wasn't even aware that I WANTED these books. So just send me the information already. Even if it's only half the series, I might still buy because you're charging only $30, even with shipping. And because I'm poor and desperate for some good fiction reading. Seriously. I've been reading La Marine on my lunch break, which is basically a reenactors' guidebook to the Comagnie Franches de la Marine in the F&I war. COME ON. All I want is a list of books, which I KNOW you can just cut and paste because you're using gmail, too, so you have all your sent messages in a handy little folder in your lefthand nav bar.


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