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So, I can't see my own friendslocked posts on my friends' friends pages. Is that normal?
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My home internet is so dead it's not even funny. This is the fifth trip up to the library's fourth floor I've made all day. We'll see how this goes.
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With regards to my last post, the costume thing is no longer an issue. My mother is the costume designer (forgot that small detail, heh...), so she's the only person who I have to ask about which costume I wear. She appoved my fort wedding dress, not polonaised, so no problem there. I did pop the bottom of a seam on my stays last time I wore it, so I'll have to mend them. But it's like...three inches, tops. I can handle that!

Also, my left mouse button on this laptop's keypad seems to have been...um, mashed. It's almost like it's squished down permanently--not permanently clicked, but it's VERY sensitive. All I have to do is brush it with my finger and it "clicks." It no longer has the nice, crisp spring to it that my right mouse button has. This is slightly irritating. I'm going to wait til dad gets home and ask him about it, but I'm suspecting that if I want it fixed, I'll have to send the computer away (or take it somewhere) to get repaired. I reaaaally don't want to do that. However, it should still be under warranty--I bought a crapload of warranty (though it doesn't apply to software woes, as proved by my earlier adventures with the word processing software and DVD playing software. FEH.) I would crack the dang thing open myself, but that might void the warranty. We'll see what dad can do, since he has the magic fingers in the family.

This machine is more trouble than it seems to be worth, sometimes. However, I do use it a. lot.

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