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I took a large break in the middle of the week, for health concerns unrelated to embroidery (my hands are fine, I promise), but I did finish a sleeve last night!

The...right sleeve. Still.

And a closeup! )
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Right sleeve...still

I could probably finish this tonight if I wanted to, but it is half-past twelve and I have work in the morning, so I'm calling it quits. Just half a bullion rose, two big leaves, and whatever that little spray on the right side is, though, and that's one sleeve down.

Also, metallic embroidery thread is every bit as fun as I remember from this project...which is why it's taken me, uh, six years to get to the point where I'm willing to use it again!
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Right sleeve

Embroidery officially began on February 13, where I worked on it for most of the day at SewFest. I did a little more the next morning, and then brought it to work on Monday, since we had an in-service day. A little more last night, and here's the current state of it. I did not bring it with me to work today, since I'll be going to class and then swing dance after and didn't want to drag it around with me all day. But swing is over at 10, so I'll have an hour or two to spend on it tonight.

My goal is simple. Spend every free moment possible working on embroidery, and see how far I get.
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Katiejacobs.com has been updated with a page for the pelisse (redingote...whatever) from this weekend.

There are only two photos, since both Mike (who was taking the pictures) and I (who was in the pictures) were pretty wiped out by the end, but it was a fun event, and I'm pleased with how the pelisse came out. It definitely made the event for me--without it I would have been too miserably cold to function, and with it, I was able to enjoy myself quite a bit!

Next up, a block printed dress, and then the crazy embroidered ballgown. We'll see how this goes!
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I'm pretty sure I remember saying several times, "I do not embroider." The last thing I embroidered was a set of sleeve flounces, way back in 2006. I've come a long way since then, though, and am looking forward to expanding my horizons to include the wonderful world of 1812 reenacting. A great deal of the clothing from that era that I like includes quite a bit of embroidery, so it's time to make a liar of myself and start an embroidery project.

Courtesy of Gwendolyn Basala

True to form, I'm not starting out easy. My first real sewing project was a crazy beaded Lord of the Rings costume, and at my first reenactment we experienced what the old-timers are now saying to be the worst weather they've ever seen. To quote [livejournal.com profile] dandytailor, "I think we've proved we don't need the bunny hill."

So I skipped the bunny hill. )

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