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I've been asked by several people if I'm going to do my customary trip writeup...which, I was considering not doing, but enough people have asked that I think maybe it might actually get read!

Since I was gone a grand total of seven days, I'm going to condense a lot...because nobody needs to hear about that rest stop in Ohio or the fifth time I got us lost looking for Chick-Fil-A. We'll just talk about the fun stuff, shall we? All right! )
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So. Greenfield Village. Last year, this same event was my first-ever Civil War event and could probably be called the event that launched me full-force into reenacting. I also got horribly ill and only remember portions of the weekend...so as I told my mother, the bar for "rockin'" was set pretty low for this year! "As long as I remember everything, it can't be worse than last year."

I'm happy to report that not only do I remember the whole weekend, I had a great time, and I think everybody else did too. We didn't see too much of [livejournal.com profile] reine_de_coudre and [livejournal.com profile] dandytailor, but Gwendolyn and I got to spend quite a bit of good quality time together, and I got a chance to see the crowd that works at Greenfield--including dear JJ, who looked very well. Actually, he looked damn good and I may have actually told him, "JJ, not gonna lie, I kinda wanna make out with you right now." He didn't go for it, but he laughed and was flattered anyway.

Anyway...you just want pictures, so here we go!

Welcome to our camp!

In roughly chronological order... )
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A few of the First Regiment Volunteers
January 23, 2010

More, and a a brief event summary. )
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When we last left our heroine, she was sitting at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, patiently awaiting her 6:35 a.m. flight departure.

Yeah, that didn't so much happen. At about 6:20, the gate agent came over the intercom to cheerfully inform us that Grand Rapids currently had one working runway, and that was being closed for plowing until seven. To their credit, they boarded us, de-iced the plane, and had us taking of just about at seven on the dot, which left me the absolute perfect amount of time to make my connection in Detroit, which then got me to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport around noon. It was staggeringly simple. I was amazed. And also slept through almost the whole trip.

Anyway. Ginger met me at the airport and we proceeded to fill the rest of Thursday (was it not even a week ago?!) with pre-event sewing and packing. I did not take pictures, but I did text Mike and told him "So I showed up here for vacation and spent all day on a sewing machine." Which was fun! We shortened some skirts, lengthened a hoop, and assembled a pair of little undersleeves. And packed. Actually, I sewed and Ginger packed, which worked out great.

Then on Friday--Fort Washita! More after the picture and the cut.

Staying indoors--it was cold outside!

Fort Washita. Which I consistently want to pronounce wrong. )


Nov. 23rd, 2009 07:30 pm
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November 22, 2009
Gettysburg, PA

So. I can finally say that I've been to Gettysburg. It was fantastic. This photo is actually from our last day there, Sunday, when Tyler took us on a tour of the battlefield, complete with explanations of troop movements and significance of different locations, markers, and memorials. The rest are under the cut, in roughly chronological order, with brief explanations.

Onward! )

This is where I run out of pictures. Or at least, I have battlefield pictures, but they don't look like much. I'm not so great with landscapes. It was pretty cool, though, and I really liked being able to get a sense of scale, for how big it was really. I really had no imagination for it before.
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No epistle-like event summary; I'm too tired and apparently have the swine flu, so I'm just putting up pictures. [livejournal.com profile] lachwen put a little bit up about it, plus a couple pictures of both herself and Mike. These are all her photos--my camera fails at low-light situations. I just used peer pressure and common thievery to get her to put them online so fast, and to steal some for myself.

Ballgown Version 2. Complete success.

Don't worry, there are more. )
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Mike, Katie, Gwendolyn, Tyler
Civil War Remembrance at Greenfield Village, May 23-25, 2009

Photos! )
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Regency Exhibition Ball 2009: Lansing, MI
  • In the car moving by 10:03 a.m. as per Mike McCarty's orders.
  • Went to The Dressmaker's Shop in Leslie with [livejournal.com profile] lachwen and Mike.
  • Went to Mike's parents' house, wrapped Gwendolyn in duct tape, got ready for ball.
  • Went to ball, saw Julie.
  • Danced lots.
  • Had fun.

I'll probably sit down and type up my customary blow-by-blow later, just for my own reference, but for now, enjoy!

Gwendolyn, Julie, Mike, Katie

Photos! )

Now that my I-have-an-event-every-weekend month of March is over, maybe I can go clean my apartment and go grocery shopping and all those sorts of things! I wouldn't have traded any of it for the world, though. Good events, great friends, wonderful times. And some pretty nice pictures, too.
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So, I know I've mentioned to a few of you that my weekends in March are totally spoken-for. This one has been no exception. Yesterday, Mike and I went to the Kalamazoo Living History Show. Down in, um, Kalamazoo.

A couple more and brief talk about the show. )

Oh! Speaking of hat blanks--[livejournal.com profile] padawansguide! You know how we were talking about straw hat blanks a while ago? Smoke and Fire sells the ones I like. They're softer Milan straw, so a finer braid and more pliable than, say craft straw hats, which are stiffer and "crispier" than I wanted. So just FYI; I approve of the Smoke & Fire hat blanks. I didn't intend to buy anything like that going in, but they had them right on display and I was like, "ooh, we're coming back for that."
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So my weekend started early, when on Friday night I talked to [livejournal.com profile] superiorcap and wished him luck on his interviews in Delaware this weekend. "We'll miss you," I said, "but good luck." After that, lots of phone calls, people arriving, and the transfer to our "home base," my parents' house for Saturday dinner and the rest of the evening. That in and of itself was vastly pleasant and very relaxing. Which is good, because the actual event was anything but!

The day of the event started early at my parents' house, where [livejournal.com profile] nuranar, [livejournal.com profile] lachwen, Matt, and I slept. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the morning because a) it was morning and b) I spent most of the prep time ironing tablecloths on the floor of one of the side rooms at the mansion. At some point toward the end of our prep period, Gwendolyn went upstairs to change. I was doing something that now completely escapes me in the dining room, turned around, and nearly roused the dead with my shriek. Who should appear in the foyer but our very own [livejournal.com profile] superiorcap, Tyler Putman? I was on the first floor; they heard me pounding up the stairs and screaming for Gwendolyn up on the third floor in the ballroom (I was told this later by several people on separate occasions.)

Well. That set the tone for the day being pretty much absolutely perfect, so that being said, I'm just going to do the whole pictures-and-brief-commentary thing to spare you all a blow-by-blow of a ten-hour event.

Taking tickets.

Prep time and People Photos )

Dancing Photos )

Everybody! Of immediate acquaintance, that is.

Group Photos )

The Lieutenant. (Mike)

Plain old good photography )

And then we went to the beach to watch the sunset.

The end!
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My photos:
Fancy as it Flies I
Fancy as it Flies II
Fancy as it Flies III
Fancy as it Flies IV
Fancy as it Flies V

My mother's pictures:
Fancy as it Flies VI

Sarah Jones' Pictures

Sarah Hooker's Pictures

Malinda Baker's Pictures:
One and Two

And [livejournal.com profile] renzys_frenzy has photos on Flickr here.

More to come! I'll clean up some of my favorites for posting later. Right now I'm pretty beat.

Join us!

Jan. 16th, 2009 10:39 am
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Join us at the Felt Estate
Laketown Township, Michigan

For a spectacular historical costume ball!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Click the picture or go HERE for more information on the dance, what to wear, and who we are. Attendance is open and encouraged, so you should all come, and bring a friend! Pass the word, and we hope to see you there!


Sep. 8th, 2008 11:49 pm
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Okay, I'm just throwing this out there now, so it'll at least be a blip on everybody's radar before any firm plans have been made.

If you've ever thought about visiting me, Michigan, or the Midwest, you should think about doing it in March of 2009. Why?

Because I was on the phone with Julie tonight and we pretty much decided we needed to do a sequel to our costume ball, Afternoon in the Park. Except this time, we're going to do it here:

The Felt Estate

Bigger, better, prettier, and with more chocolate cheesecake than ever!

This is all preliminary planning right now; further information to come when we actually make any decisions for sure.
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August 9, 2008. [livejournal.com profile] lachwen, [livejournal.com profile] jade_nolan, and I found ourselves loaded up and on our way to Bristol Renaissance Faire at approximately 8 in the morning. I don't remember the first couple hours of the drive, having fallen asleep in the back seat while Rebekah ([livejournal.com profile] jade_nolan) drove and Gwendolyn ([livejournal.com profile] lachwen) sewed shiny bits onto her cap. When I woke up, we were in Indiana. This is where the day really began for me.

So there we were in Indiana... )

The end!
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Well, it's certainly been a week of it. Where to begin? Well, last Saturday, I slammed my finger in my car door. Which in and of itself isn't terribly fascinating, but it sure turned some interesting colors afterwards.

I'm probably going to lose part of the nail, but it hurts less now than when I cut my thumb open and for that I'm grateful. It hurt a hell of a lot more when I actually did it, though. I don't actually remember there being much pain from cutting myself. This hurt like the dickens. Then it went numb and the whole rest of my arm hurt in sympathy. It felt better by that evening, though, and again I'm grateful because the next day, Gwendolyn and I went to Greenfield Village for their Civil War weekend.

And a few more, plus text. But just a little text, I promise. )

Then I came home to a week of sewing, the mundane life of a retail worker, and the excitement of a double shift when a coworker called in sick.

Also, I've finished up through book 12 in the Aubreyad, and am working my way through The Thirteen Gun Salute. That's twelve books of approximately 300 pages each in one month. I have a problem. But oh, what a delightful problem it is!


May. 8th, 2008 08:17 pm
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On Monday Tuesday, Gwendolyn, Holly, and I went for a picnic in the park behind my house. It's the same park at which we hosted Afternoon in the Park, but we stayed outside this time so no building rental was necessary! We just took a jaunt down to the maintained part of the lawns and plopped down our blankets.

A few more )
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I've been absolutely horrible at keeping in contact for the past week, week and a half. I haven't returned any calls, posts, or messages, and for that I apologize. However, I have an excuse.

Last night, a group of my friends and I went to the 2nd annual Regency Exhibition Ball in Lansing, MI. Part of the reason I was so stressed was that I made my sister a dress semi-last-minute so that she could come with us. Our whole group was pretty wiped out, but having sorted out the aftermath, it sounds like everyone had a really good time. We're looking forward to next year!

Lots more, plus videos! )

And the other couple of videos )
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Saturday March 8, 2008

Afternoon in the Park, unofficially as the first annual "freaks in costume" ball, basically started out as an excuse to get together with friends, wear costumes, and eat food. Then we did that Regency ball in Ann Arbor and thought dancing might be fun, too. So that's what we did. I rented the event room in the park behind my house, Julie planned pretty much everything else, and we had tons of fun.

More under the cut! )

The end!

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