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I just thought this was kind of cute.

Now and Then )

Way back.

Jan. 15th, 2010 01:24 am
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I refuse to post the rules. Basically? Everybody likes cute baby pictures. Go post yours!

According to my mother I was a smiley baby.

I was also apparently cute at some point in my life, which is kind of a relief to know. )

*Which...I am. Or more accurately, I am my dad, only shorter and with a nicer rack. But in terms of personality? Freakishly similar. Except for the engineering part.
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So. I mentioned my cousin took some pictures while we were at my grandparents' house for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. I told him I wanted a disk when we came for Christmas, and he delivered!

I love these. Here are some of my favorites!

Behind the scenes.

More; the plaid dress. )

The Fancy dress )

Aaaand Katie's running around in her underwear again. )

*Cheater chemise; I know, I know.
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So it's been about two weeks since I got back from my trip to Oklahoma. Aaaand I just now got around to putting up a page on my site for the hood I made to wear while outdoors in the cold at Fort Washita.

The 'Riding' Hood has a few pictures up of its own now.

Over Thanksgiving, my photographer cousin took some fantastic shots of a couple of my costume pieces. I'll be seeing him tomorrow for our family Christmas celebrations, so if he doesn't have some files for me, the pestering will commence until I get a few copies! Hopefully more for the website soon, in any case.

Dear Tyler,

Nov. 7th, 2009 03:05 pm
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So, you know those trousers?

They belonged to Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Theron Tuttle, who served on the USS Caribou. During training in the Pacific Northwest, the military discovered his depth perception would keep him from piloting, and so they put him in charge of the Caribou's engine room instead. The Caribou, it turns out, was in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which is apparently considered to be the largest naval battle of WWII.

According to his brother, Theron didn't talk about his service much. If asked about Leyte Gulf, he would respond, "I don't know; I was below, asleep."
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My great-aunt passed away about a month ago, the last of that generation in the family. My grandfather is still alive and well, but Aunt Eldora was his brother's wife, and his brother was ten years older than he was. They may be considered the same generation in years, but there was a definite cultural gap there...and now no more. My mother has heroically spent the last few weeks driving down to Jackson to help empty out the old house, until now--there's still a ton of stuff left, but whatever isn't spoken for has been willed to the couple's old church.

So a couple days ago, my mom called me and said, "You've inherited an antique buffet. Now we just have to go get it." She didn't think it would fit in my car, but I measured and it would, so we drove down to Jackson on Friday night to pick it up. I was totally unprepared for the state of the house and nearly had a panic attack--which is why I say my mother has been "heroically" helping out--but we managed to get the buffet in the car without too much trouble. As a bonus, I also walked off with a severely water-damaged old dresser. It only had two and a half of its original casters, all damaged, and you could see the mildew from a past basement flood. We lashed it to the top of the car, though, and drove off.

Today, then, was spent cleaning up neglected old furniture. The buffet has really grown on me, helped in no small part by how ecstatic the older relatives all are by the fact that it's still in the family. It's really too heavy and dark for my taste--I would never buy it for myself--but it was free, it's quite spacious, I need the storage, and it's mine. I like to think my great-grandma would be pleased I've got it. And the dresser, well, it was like an episode of Extreme Makeover, Old Crappy Furniture Edition. It's still airing out, and it's still obviously old, but it no longer looks like a piece of trash! Anyway, since all you really want is to see what I'm yammering about, pictures:

A few more. Both are still a work in progress, obviously. )

The buffet wasn't nearly as gross as the dresser, but the top of it is peeling away from the body, so it'll need a little TLC. Hopefully tomorrow, they'll be in my apartment!
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...not, of course, that sighting wildlife on my parents' back deck is any sort of unusual. But today, we found ourselves with a sudden and unexpected case of baby raccoons.

Like, little ones. To wit:

My mother has an ongoing battle of wills with the mama raccoon, Tawny. As in, she's been feeding Tawny off the back deck for years now, and Tawny has developed the habit of climbing on the screen door to get her attention. Mom has decided this is not good behavior and is trying to break Tawny of the habit by feeding her once and then closing the curtains. So the conversation today went something like this:

Tawny: *plucks at screen from behind curtains*
Me: You have a raccoon.
Mom: Yeah; she's fed already. If we ignore her she'll go away.
Me: *peering through gap in curtain* She has a baby with her.
Mom: *freaks out* Get the bread! Open the door! A baby? Tell your dad!!
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So my weekend started early, when on Friday night I talked to [livejournal.com profile] superiorcap and wished him luck on his interviews in Delaware this weekend. "We'll miss you," I said, "but good luck." After that, lots of phone calls, people arriving, and the transfer to our "home base," my parents' house for Saturday dinner and the rest of the evening. That in and of itself was vastly pleasant and very relaxing. Which is good, because the actual event was anything but!

The day of the event started early at my parents' house, where [livejournal.com profile] nuranar, [livejournal.com profile] lachwen, Matt, and I slept. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the morning because a) it was morning and b) I spent most of the prep time ironing tablecloths on the floor of one of the side rooms at the mansion. At some point toward the end of our prep period, Gwendolyn went upstairs to change. I was doing something that now completely escapes me in the dining room, turned around, and nearly roused the dead with my shriek. Who should appear in the foyer but our very own [livejournal.com profile] superiorcap, Tyler Putman? I was on the first floor; they heard me pounding up the stairs and screaming for Gwendolyn up on the third floor in the ballroom (I was told this later by several people on separate occasions.)

Well. That set the tone for the day being pretty much absolutely perfect, so that being said, I'm just going to do the whole pictures-and-brief-commentary thing to spare you all a blow-by-blow of a ten-hour event.

Taking tickets.

Prep time and People Photos )

Dancing Photos )

Everybody! Of immediate acquaintance, that is.

Group Photos )

The Lieutenant. (Mike)

Plain old good photography )

And then we went to the beach to watch the sunset.

The end!

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