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Dear Freewebs,

Why do you hate me? I mean, I know you're free and all, but that shouldn't mean that you just don't load whenever I go to save changes to my page. That's just not nice.

No love,


To everyone else, as a point of interest--I just added a page for the design renderings on the senior project site. However, it's only linked on a couple pages because Freewebs refuses to work right. So here it is, until I can get things poked back into shape at the website. Click the image to see the rest.

ETA: Evidently, Freewebs is stalking me and they read the open letter, because now it works. Creeeeepy...
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The Senior Project website is done, I think! I've stayed up waaaaay too late a couple nights coding the thing, so please everyone go take a look and let me know if you find any broken links or pictures.

Also, can someone tell me why photobucket refuses to let me use my "Mode de Michilimackinac" banner image? I had to upload it to Freewebs to get it to show up. When I try to put it on photobucket, it says it uploads fine but then I can't view it on photobucket's page and it won't show up anywhere else in an image tag or link or anything. Weird.

ETA: I like my cute little thumbnail links, so here they are.

Frenchwoman's daywear.
Metís woman's clothing.

Modeled by Holly.

Printed polonaise gown.

French furtrader's outfit.

Modeled by John.
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Dear LJ,

My senior project sewing is DONE! We photographed all four costumes this evening. All that's left is a bit of cleanup work, putting stuff together into a portfolio, etc.

So because you all have been completely wonderful about this whole project thing, you get to be the first to see any pictures.

More! )

There are more photos and more explanations to go with each outfit, but that's gonna take a little longer.

Thank you all for all your help and patience!
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But I ran out of juice before I could upload the pictures. Actually...what day was that? I might have gone out. (Wow, call the Vatican, it's a miracle. Katie went out somewhere other than school or work?)

Anyway, photographic evidence (of the sewing, not the aforementioned miracle.)

I made a bumroll! You may or may not be able to tell.
A couple more, and one for comparison. )
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So I really want to work on Holly's stays, but I don't have enough cable ties to bone it without going out and buying some (and everything's closed now), and Gwendolyn has my grommets. So that's a no.

I think I won't be using the panniers for my senior project, but I am going to finish them up and use them for other costumes, I think. So since I'm not using panniers, I think I should make some sort of bumroll or hip pad, but I don't have a pattern. Or anything to stuff pads with anyway.

Maybe I'll work on my Regency stays. I don't have grommets, but I do have enough cable ties to bone them with. However, they're not senior-project related, so I feel kind of guilty working on those.

Screw it. I'm making a bumroll a la GVSU costume shop. Long tube of fabric tapered on the ends, lots of petticoats over. I like that silhouette and it's minimal work for me. I'll buy some polyfill at work tomorrow. And then if I still want to sew, I'll do a petticoat or the Regency stays.
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Hey, look, everyone; I'm working on my senior project again! I made some panniers, although I'm not sure I want to use them for certain yet. I can't decide if I like how they look. I think they're actually pretty good for 1775-ish, but my eye is still getting used to them.

Of course, none of my stuff is built to wear over anything but little hip pads, but you get the idea. And of course, I look like a moron because even though my dad was taking pictures, I'm tired and still wearing jeans under my kit.

And some more... )


Feb. 19th, 2007 03:50 pm
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Umkay, pictures of the breeches as promised. I really need to finish the back gusset and legs, and have Mike try them on. I think they don't fit quite right on Holly, and I want to see if the problem is related to that, or just because the pattern/fabric/workmanship/whatever sucks.

Not *too* terribly bad... )

FEEDBACK would be hugely appreciated. It's been nearly six months since I spent time hanging out with men in breeches, so my eye for how good (or not) these look is a little rusty.

P.S. Stuffing a sock down her front helped with the, um, manly shape that my sister lacks, and also helped with the wrinkles, so...maybe having necessary bits is, well, necessary in order for these to look right?
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I've been taking some pictures of my senior project fabrics, so here we go!


And some more of the wool and print! )

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