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2008 was the year of making things for other people. I did finally do something for me in August, when I made the Venetian, but for the most part, my projects were for other people. It was definitely a learning experience, as was the whole "Let's see how fast I can get this done on a deadline," thing.

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It's been...three weeks since Fort St. Joseph. Which means that it's been three weeks since I sewed a stitch. However, no more! Mike and Gwendolyn and Julie and maybe Mike's family and I are going to a Regency ball! I've worn the same thing to the past two. Therefore, new dress!

The catch is that I decided this last Thursday. The dance is on Friday of this week. Which means I had (when I decided) a week and a day to complete a dress from start to finish. However, I think I can do this. As of right now, Saturday night, I have a bodice with sleeves attached. I am going to cut and install the lining (BY HANDTHANKYOU) tonight still. I think. I did just take my stays off and plop down in a sweatshirt, so we'll see.

I do pretty much have everything under control in my head, though. I go through and mentally construct each garment I make before I actually make it so there aren't any surprises, and I think I've got this one down all right. The placket on the skirt is going to be a little bit different than what I've done before, but I think it'll work best with the fabric I've got.

Sneak preview! )

ETA: Uh, I was going to cut a lining, but I think I've just discovered that I have absolutely NO suitable fabrics. I mean, I do, but none of them have been pre-washed. GAH. Never mind. I found, like, this itsy-tiny scrap of washed muslin in my workbasket. It just about perfectly fits the bodice, with a tad to spare. I have no clue how long I've been carrying it around with me to events and such; who cares? It works!
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KatieJacobs.com has been updated with two new costume pages: Kate's jacket (with photos of the jacket on Kate), and Holly's reenactment outfit.

Also, Les Proches de la Grande Tortue's website has been updated, with an index page for event galleries added. Also, if you missed it before, there's that new image gallery that cost me so many brain cells.

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Kate now has a jacket to wear in October.

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Flowered fabric is some weird decorator not-really-a-canvas from JoAnn that I bought in 2007 and then decided there's no way I can pull off a print like that. It's lined in the same striped linen/cotton that I used for Andrew's coat (which is blue and white...). The effect is kind of period-horrible, but since the lining is hand-installed, it shouldn't roll to the outside.
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As I said, the chemise dress is done. I told [livejournal.com profile] lachwen at the beginning that she'd be responsible for making herself a sash and anything other than the basic dress, but the dress itself is done and wearable. See?

Two more, a little less goofy in nature )

Really, this dress is unapologetically a result of my theatre training--it was made for a specific purpose out of materials already on hand, using modern techniques to achieve a period silhouette. And really, that's what I'm all about when you get right down to it. :) So I'm happy how it turned out, and Gwendolyn was satisfactorily excited about it even though she's sick. My warm fuzzy for the day.

There'll be more pictures after the event; these are just a preview. :)
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Why this counts as a potential disaster )

(She's nodding at me as I type this, so I'm assuming what I'm saying is pretty accurate.) On the other hand, if anyone falls in love with that color and wants to buy it for the price of six yards of blue silk taffeta, we could negotiate.
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So I really want to work on Holly's stays, but I don't have enough cable ties to bone it without going out and buying some (and everything's closed now), and Gwendolyn has my grommets. So that's a no.

I think I won't be using the panniers for my senior project, but I am going to finish them up and use them for other costumes, I think. So since I'm not using panniers, I think I should make some sort of bumroll or hip pad, but I don't have a pattern. Or anything to stuff pads with anyway.

Maybe I'll work on my Regency stays. I don't have grommets, but I do have enough cable ties to bone them with. However, they're not senior-project related, so I feel kind of guilty working on those.

Screw it. I'm making a bumroll a la GVSU costume shop. Long tube of fabric tapered on the ends, lots of petticoats over. I like that silhouette and it's minimal work for me. I'll buy some polyfill at work tomorrow. And then if I still want to sew, I'll do a petticoat or the Regency stays.

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