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I've been asked by several people if I'm going to do my customary trip writeup...which, I was considering not doing, but enough people have asked that I think maybe it might actually get read!

Since I was gone a grand total of seven days, I'm going to condense a lot...because nobody needs to hear about that rest stop in Ohio or the fifth time I got us lost looking for Chick-Fil-A. We'll just talk about the fun stuff, shall we? All right! )
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A few of the First Regiment Volunteers
January 23, 2010

More, and a a brief event summary. )
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When we last left our heroine, she was sitting at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, patiently awaiting her 6:35 a.m. flight departure.

Yeah, that didn't so much happen. At about 6:20, the gate agent came over the intercom to cheerfully inform us that Grand Rapids currently had one working runway, and that was being closed for plowing until seven. To their credit, they boarded us, de-iced the plane, and had us taking of just about at seven on the dot, which left me the absolute perfect amount of time to make my connection in Detroit, which then got me to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport around noon. It was staggeringly simple. I was amazed. And also slept through almost the whole trip.

Anyway. Ginger met me at the airport and we proceeded to fill the rest of Thursday (was it not even a week ago?!) with pre-event sewing and packing. I did not take pictures, but I did text Mike and told him "So I showed up here for vacation and spent all day on a sewing machine." Which was fun! We shortened some skirts, lengthened a hoop, and assembled a pair of little undersleeves. And packed. Actually, I sewed and Ginger packed, which worked out great.

Then on Friday--Fort Washita! More after the picture and the cut.

Staying indoors--it was cold outside!

Fort Washita. Which I consistently want to pronounce wrong. )
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So, these pictures are actually from two weekends ago, when Julie, her cousins, a friend, and I went to Saugatuck (the day after I went to Jackson) to do a photo shoot at the beach. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves--other than that I did not wear a costume, I did not make a costume, and these are just snapshots. Julie hasn't developed her actual photos yet.

Sarah, Kristen, Annette, Julie.

More, plus behind-the-scenes )

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