Apr. 6th, 2009 03:04 pm
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Yeah, okay, so compared to the CRAZY PEOPLE that all my coworkers have been interviewing today? My customers really are angels. Just wow.
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Last Wednesday, I got in a car accident. Today, I cut my thumb open at work.

Gross! Story and large picture beneath. )

I even worked the rest of my shift after the fact, though I did take a nap once I got home.

Edited 1:25 a.m.: I can't decide what's more annoying. The way my arm hurts from holding my hand above my heart, or the way my thumb throbs when I give up and let my arm hang for more than thirty seconds. Maybe I should just go to bed. Again.
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It's a well-known fact around here that I do not do plants. I killed a jade plant...three times. That's supposed to be nigh unto impossible. And I've done it thrice. Oops.

However, I grew up with a very specific set of plants in my yard. I miss them. All through my childhood, I had a dogwood tree right outside my bedroom window, with bright pink-fuchsia blossoms, and several spirea, or "bridal veil" bushes that made perfect little "secret forts," because of the high-arcing branches and thick cascades of tiny white blossoms.

Ever since we moved in, my mom has been talking about getting a couple spirea shrubs or maybe a dogwood tree. It's been almost ten years now, and we still do not have either.

So I bought two brightly-glazed gorgeous ceramic pots at work today. They're on the large side for pots (very heavy), though not as big as what we're calling "urns" this year. I found a really affordable nursery that sells online; I'm ordering some shrubbery. They'll live in pots for a while because they ship small, and obviously I can't plant them right now, as it is currently twenty-three degrees out and there are six inches of snow on the ground.

I might be asking for trouble, but I have a lot of enthusiasm for the plan right now. And it's kind of like the French regimental in that a gauntlet has been thrown. Several poor souls at work foolishly told me I couldn't do it--so now it's simply got to happen. And it has to happen right, which means that I am not allowed to end up with dead plants this time.
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I am incredibly tired and I can't figure out how to make the embroidery/darning foot on my sewing machine work. Harrumph.

Got my hair cut, so that's one thing off the "To-do before Mackinac" list. I also talked to my manager and he doesn't want to let me go before the first week in May. I think he's going to have to deal with it, because I don't think I can work the last week in April, what with exams and three (four?) performances of Sound of Music. I think that might be just too much.

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