Jul. 10th, 2008 12:27 am
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Okay, guys, I'm sorry I haven't had time to reply individually to everyone's congratulations and well-wishes on the new job. The reason? The new job. And the old one.

See, I had to give my two weeks' notice at Hobby Lobby at roughly the same time I started training at the new place, so for the past week I've been doing morning training and closing shifts at the HobLob. That means I'm fourteen hours out of the house and when I get back home I pretty much just collapse. Not a lot of free time.

Anyway, I really do appreciate y'all's support, both while I was interviewing and after I accepted the offer. Everyone here and at work has been really great about all this and I really appreciate it.

On Sunday, my family and I went to RenFaire. I put pictures up on my Flickr account, as well as two new pages for the corsets I made (for Holly and Sarah, the two sisters o' mine) on my actual website.

Also on Flickr are photos of the storm damage to my backyard. As of today, the ash tree (the 80+ foot monstrosity) is just a stump, most of the beech tree (that the ash fell on) is shaved away, and the Ottawa Co. park people have removed a giant tangle of dead pine and sassafras trees that were leaning against the back of the beech tree. We're hoping the beech has enough foliage left to survive, even though it's not as pretty as it used to be.

On the bright side, now we can plant some poplar trees. Mom's been wanting them the whole nine years we've been here. Also, miraculously enough, there was absolutely no damage to the shed.

Holy crap.

Jul. 4th, 2008 10:47 pm
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So since I last posted (in roughly this order):
  • We had a really big storm. It's probably the worst one I remember having here in the nine years we've been living in this house. It uprooted an ~80 foot ash tree in our backyard and pushed it down onto the beech tree next to it. God between us and evil, it fell sideways instead of directly on the house.
  • The storm was really bad. We lost power that afternoon, a Wednesday, and only just got power back at about 10 on Friday. The original prediction was that we wouldn't have power until tomorrow at 11, so that's good.
  • My dad recently switched all our services over to Comcast instead of having a separate phone line and cable/internet, so after the first twelve hours of no electricity, we lost the phone as well. I'm the only one in the house with a decent cell phone plan, so my phone has been the only phone we've had for three days.
  • [livejournal.com profile] lachwen called me on Wednesday night--"I'm at home all alone and I couldn't go to work because there was a live power line on my car and my neighbor's tree caught on fire!" So I went over and used her electricity (which was still on, oddly enough) to sew a corset for my sister Sarah.
  • Ross, the company that wanted to employ me, checked my references, couldn't get a hold of Jeff from MSHP, and asked me for another reference.
  • I got and accepted an official job offer! I'm starting training 8:30 Monday morning. The 16th will be my last day at Hobby Lobby (eek!) and I start full time at Ross on Thursday the 17th. It's a real, honest-to-God, grown-up, wear-a-suit-to-work job. In my field. Wow.

Lots going on. Oh, and my parents discovered that someone stole two bicycles from in front of our house last night, which sucked, speculating that it was fallout from the neighborhood's power being out--no lights or security systems or anything. I'm also just finishing up a pair of stays for Holly to wear to Faire on Sunday. My hand needed a break before I finish up the tabs, so I'm going to go to Meijer. I need to look at purses since my little haversack that Mike made me isn't really office-appropriate.


Mar. 27th, 2007 09:33 pm
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I recieved my offer of employment at the Mackinac State Historic Parks today and my acceptance letter will go out to them in tomorrow's mail!

I'm going back to Mackinaw City! YAY!!

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