Jul. 23rd, 2009 11:25 pm
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I can't turn my brain off; if I could, I would, occasionally. Stop thinking about things and just...whatever. But I can't. So I just let myself overthink and keep a journal to help me articulate the non-stop hamster wheel inside my head.


I do have alternative offerings for those of you who are tired of listening to me run in circles inside my own head.

They're called "Mapaches" in Spanish.
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...not, of course, that sighting wildlife on my parents' back deck is any sort of unusual. But today, we found ourselves with a sudden and unexpected case of baby raccoons.

Like, little ones. To wit:

My mother has an ongoing battle of wills with the mama raccoon, Tawny. As in, she's been feeding Tawny off the back deck for years now, and Tawny has developed the habit of climbing on the screen door to get her attention. Mom has decided this is not good behavior and is trying to break Tawny of the habit by feeding her once and then closing the curtains. So the conversation today went something like this:

Tawny: *plucks at screen from behind curtains*
Me: You have a raccoon.
Mom: Yeah; she's fed already. If we ignore her she'll go away.
Me: *peering through gap in curtain* She has a baby with her.
Mom: *freaks out* Get the bread! Open the door! A baby? Tell your dad!!
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Umkay. As I mentioned previously, I was bitten by a raccoon last night. See, we have a deck and a woods in back of our house. Having raccoons come by to visit (along with squirrels, chipmunks, and many other sorts of fuzzy creatures) is nothing out of the ordinary, and we enjoy feeding them. Not like full-scale don't-feed-the-bears stuff; we put out sunflower seeds for the birds and everything else happens to like eating the seeds as well. So last night there was a raccoon out on the deck and I went to go refresh the supply of seeds. I had a palmful of seeds and I stuck my hand out the door; the raccoon darted in and gave my left pointer and middle fingers an experimental taste.

It wasn't an aggressive move, and she didn't grab and pull or anything. It was just a little nip that got a little out of hand because it startled us both and we both pulled away, so instead of just a puncture, the teeth made little cuts in my fingers. I didn't bother with anything other than washing it out and wrapping it up with antibacterial ointment; I've got all my shots and everything...but it still makes a good story! In fact, I told Gerald about it at work this morning and within ten minutes, everyone on shift knew I'd been bitten by a raccoon. And of course there was the requisite number of jokes about rabies and lockjaw all day. I'm not worried. ;)

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